Bush School must adhere to Aggie protocol, traditions
The George Bush Presidential Library is a wonderful boost for Texas A&M and for Bryan/College Station. If any president from James Polk to Abe Lincoln offered us their library, we would be foolish not to leap at the chance. Although we should warmly welcome the new library, we should accept it on our terms.

We must remember that the new Bush School is part A&M -- A&M is not part of the Bush School.

The new Bush School and Presidential Library fits in well with at this campus. Millie the dog, George and Barbara's pet during the White House years, is buried near the plots where the former president and first lady will one day be interred. While this seems bizarre to many people, Aggies are used to holding dogs in such high esteem. Just ask any student about the Reveille graves.

Since the new school is practically in its own zip code, students will have to work harder to integrate the new program into the unique A&M experience.

After listening to the speakers who came to help dedicate the Bush School, it seems that Aggies are in danger of conforming to the addition, instead of making the addition part of Aggieland. The lecturers hosted by the Bush School seem unfamiliar with this University and the traits that make it special.

To make the integration a little easier, here are a few suggestions for anyone speaking at Texas A&M:

Having explored the essential rules for campus speakers, the audience should realize they have a few responsibilities as well:

Dave Johnston is a senior mathematics major.