Aggie culture makes students easily recognizable
Despite the furor and the court cases, Texas A&M has grown into a diverse campus. Aggies come from around the world and every background imaginable.

No one can define what constitutes an Aggie. A&M students share a common culture, but at the same time they often have nothing in common with each other.

Though anyone who has a connection with College Station knows A&M can't be described from the inside, looking out, here are a few guidelines to help identify a true Aggies.

Of course, Aggies may show none or all of these traits, but they all share an infinite number of other ties. Experiences at A&M are unique and memorable. Many are enjoyable, and laughter -- as well as grief, excitement or anger -- is a completely proper reaction to many of the events that help build an Aggie.

Dave Johnston is a senior mathematics major.