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Rock Hound State Park, Deming, New Mexico, June 5, 2010.
Deming, New Mexico boasts some interesting gem/rock collecting including geodes and Jasper. Rockhound State Park allows visitors to collect (up to 15 pounds of) rock inside the park. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the visitor center as well as all the local businesses were closed, so we didn't have any direction on where to look or how best to hunt.

Titan Missile Museum, Arizona, June 6, 2010.
This museum is a decommissioned Titan Missile Silo that had been configured to launch a nuclear ICBM during the Cold War. The museum gives brief tours of the facility and ground.

Above-ground view of the missile facility.
Saguaro National Park, Arizona, June 6, 2010.
Home to many Saguaro cacti. Not one of our favorite stops. We saw stands of Saguarro that were just as impressive along the highway between here and Phoenix.

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, June 7, 2010.
Petrified Forest sits adjacent to Painted Desert, and a single drive takes you through both parks. The area features unique geology, indian ruins, and some pretty landscapes.

View near Newspaper Rock where many petroglyphs are visible.

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