My book debuts soon!

I’m excited the announce that I have a book releasing next month. It’s intended as a tool for teachers who support math students with IEPs. I believe general education and special education teachers can benefit from the information, strategies, and stories I’ve included.

Special education teachers have so much information about what’s going on inside students’ heads. There’s a chapter here that addresses how students qualify for special education services and how different cognitive processes affect students’ math acquisition.

Math teachers have so much training about what math instruction is all about. The resources here are intended to help student who struggle with math learn rich, meaningful math content at a conceptual level.

The book is divided into stand-alone chapters so that busy teachers or teams can skip around to just the parts they need right now. What are high-impact accommodations for a test? Check out chapter 13. What do my co-teacher and I need to know about setting up our classroom to both teach simultaneously? Read chapter 6. You say your students learn a skill only to forget it the next day? I highly recommend chapter 9.

The book is available from Routledge and other online retailers. There’s a coupon code below that works until the end of August.

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