Groundbreaking Work – Groundbreaking!

I eIMG_1783njoy the Oscars, yeah, I’m one of those.  But when these actors gush about how all of them are doing “GROUNDBREAKING” work.  Well, come on!

So let’s gush about some of my colleagues who are doing groundbreaking work!

My campus journalism teacher who sends kids out to take campus photos, then gives them immediate feedback and sends them back out to improve.  I’ve witnessed dramatic improvement in a student’s photojournalism in the space of 20 minutes.

My campus art teacher who has her kids studying masking tape graffiti.

The ELAR teachers who hold the line on high expectations and get their struggling special education students to produce amazing work.

Our 7th grade math team who rotate students between classrooms – including specialized support students – depending on their academic need.

You could join me and go on.  This is GROUNDBREAKING work, dude!

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