Hotels, Motels, and Cabins

I’ve been a little worried about finding motels along our trip since there are times we will be without internet to look up phone numbers or make reservations electronically. We’ve got a GPS unit, but it would be nice to call ahead and verify vacancies.

A very few chains offer print directories of their locations. I suspect if I visited the local location I could get more, but here’s what I found online.

  • Motel 6 will send you a print directory
  • Holiday Inn (family of hotels) has a print directory available for download. States like Wyoming and Colorado can be downloaded in a single file. Texas is divided into FOUR download files, and the cities are listed alphabetically. Unfortunately, the state did not position towns geographically according to the alphabet.
  • Choice Hotels (Econolodge, Rodeway, Comfort Inn, etc.) allows you to download their e-directory or order a print version.