I Got a Postcard

As I mentioned before, I sent off for tourism information from several states. That has increased my mail and e-mail. Which is fine, I had the opportunity to opt out of them sharing my info.

I have received e-mails about lodging options, fliers about casinos in the area, brochures from regional tourism boards.

I just got a postcard from Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. I scanned it for you here. Since I’m sharing their photo, I’ll share the message they sent, too:

Visit us at
for more information about
the world’s highest
suspension bridge and
surrounding park with over
20 rides, shows and attractions


If you’re not familiar with Royal Gorge, it is one of Colorado’s deepest canyons. CaƱon City, Colorado owns and operates a bridge across the gorge and a sort of theme park at its edge. There is a separately operated train that runs along the bottom of the canyon, called Royal Gorge Route Railroad.

Reviews indicate that the sights are pretty, but pricey. Anyone been there?