DC- Day One

Got to the airport bright and early with a ride from one of Diana’s work friends (THANKS!!).  The plane left 45 minutes late because of a “paperwork issue.”  The flight was good.  We took the MARC rail to Union Station, had lunch in the food court, then took the Metro to our hotel.  It’s a nice little place.  It’s close to a metro station and it’s priced well.  We’re in one of the “recently remodeled rooms,” which means the bathroom, in particular, is quite nice.

Went to the DC Mall.  The Smithsonian is hosting a Folk Life Festival all weekend which is kinda cool, but also kinda ruins the view of the Mall.  HUUUUGE tents all over the entire place.

We toured the “Castle,” then went to find some of this year’s Ac-Dec artwork at the African Art Museum.  Alas, none of the pieces are currently on display!!  But Diana found very similar pieces from the same groups/time periods/etc.

Then walked around the Hirschorn Statue Garden and toured the National Air & Space Museum.  By that time, we were starting to drag, but we pushed on!  (uh-oh!)  We decided to hike to the Jefferson Memorial.  That wouldn’t have been so bad, except the sea wall is under construction — turning a 10-minute walk into a 20-minute walk after the detour.

Took a cab from there back to our Metro stop and took the subway to find dinner, then back to the hotel.  One photo today, but I think it’s pretty grand: (click the pic to enlarge)