Canyon – 2000 miles and counting

This is the only day of our trip that we won’t be moving to a different hotel. So we decided to take advantage and sleep late. When I woke, I read through my copy of Yellowstone Treasures by Janet Chapple. Reading about the facilities here at Canyon, I saw that there is a trail near one of the cabins that leads to the Grand View area on the rim of the Canyon. So I set out to find it. Sure enough, behind the cabin is an unmarked trail that soon becomes paved. I came out right at the parking area for Grand View. I walked along the rim of the Canyon for a while, snapping plenty of photos, then headed back to the cabin.

Diana and I drove both rims of the Canyon and found some great views. Several places were crowded. We ran into several traffic jams where tourists were photographing bison near the road, but we were again blessed with great timing and always seemed to have much shorter delays than folks traveling the opposite direction.

Diana suggested we go to Lake and ask about fishing trips. We got to the marina and found that there were plenty of motorboats available to rent. Between the marina and the general store next door, we were able to get all we needed for a short, impromptu fishing trip. We rented rods, bought some lures, bought our licenses, and rented a motorboat. Neither of us had run a motorboat before, and the staff did a great job of showing Diana how everything worked. We went out and spent a little over an hour on the lake. We didn’t catch anything, but we had fun playing around.

On the way back to Canyon, I had to stop for a jaywalking bison, but we made it back to the cabins just as a hard rain began. When the rain stopped, we went to the general store at Canyon and ate at the Soda Fountain there. My burger and Diana’s bratwurst were great. We’re talking about stopping there for breakfast tomorrow before we head out of Canyon and over to Lake.