Garden of the Gods — Top Free Attraction

TripAdvisor listed the top “unheralded” free attractions in the U.S. Garden of the Gods was #2 on that list.

To see their list, visit the link and scroll past the list of “germiest” tourist stops (a list that leaves of the Burger King bathroom in Victoria, Texas, for some reason).

What are your most memorable “free” stops?

  • In our family, the continental divide is memorable (for good and bad reasons — we had to visit the hospital in Jackson Hole after one stop to sled in the snow).
  • The bats under the Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas used to be really spectacular in about 1992. You could see a stream of them heading off to the horizon. But over the past several years, development in the area has made it less impressive (and there are a lot more people there to watch them… some nights it’s downright crowded).
  • Public beaches (in Texas, the beach cannot be privately owned… this is not true in all states)