The MS Geometry Strand

Graham Fletcher (@gfletchy) creates a great series of short videos showing the development of early math skills throughout the elementary grades. These Progression Videos not only show the importance of each part of the instructional sequence, but they also help you reflect on math pedagogy and how the brain makes connections and develops fluency.

I felt it would be useful for middle school teachers to see how some of our concepts build across the middle grades. Especially in light of recent TEKS changes, teachers don’t always have a clear understanding of what skills and concepts are specific to each grade. Many well intentioned teachers push students too far too soon, neglecting important building blocks. Others inadvertently waste time taking the entire class through material that students mastered several years ago.

Here’s my first attempt to fill that space and contribute to the MTBoS. This clip describes how geometry concepts develop through the Texas TEKS.

Middle School Geometry Strand Vertical Alignment from Dave Johnston on Vimeo.

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