Desmos Fellowship Weekend

This past weekend, I was honored to join 40 other new Desmos Fellows in San Francisco for a weekend to talk about access & equity, classroom practice, instructional coaching, math history, the future of math education, lesson study & we even squeezed in time to talk and their online platform for visualizing math concepts!

The 2019 Desmos Fellows Weekend

The welcoming crew at Desmos organized a great weekend with a group of passionate and skilled teachers from around the US and Canada. Every conversation all weekend was a gold mine of information.

Exploring the Point Collector activity was a great low-floor, high-ceiling way to engage everyone in the room.
Returning Fellows helped us explore the Demos design principles.

Our time at Desmos HQ included several break-out sessions. In these flexible work times, we had conversations about teaching practice, increasing student agency, and we explored the Desmos platform.

Desmos CEO, Eli Luberoff talked with us about the growth of Desmos and showed off the new statistics features. Michael Fenton modeled a lesson and was so open with us as we engaged in a debrief about the lesson.

Eli Luberoff showed us how Desmos’ statistics package fits into the company’s overall vision of developing student thinking.
Team Desmos took great care of us all weekend, including an outing to a local food truck park.
I love the expression on Michael Fenton’s face at the moment the data breaks out of our expectation.

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