The MS Proportionality Strand

Here’s the latest installment in my efforts to understand our students’ development of math concepts in the middle grades (based on the Texas curriculum laid out in the TEKS). My previous video looked at the Geometry strand, and I found the research eye-opening (and useful when working with students).

As a long-time 8th grade math teacher, the take-away for me was the work that begins in 5th grade looking at additive and multiplicative patterns. This grows into proportional and non-proportional relationships, but I never realized how thorough a foundation had already been built. Students are generating patterns from equations like y=ax and y=a+x in 5th grade, and writing those equations based on a table in 6th grade (now a=kx and y=x+b).

Again, I have to credit the work of Graham Fletcher (@gfletchy) and his Progression Videos for the inspiration.

Middle School Proportionality Strand Vertical Alignment from Dave Johnston on Vimeo.

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